Thursday, 27 August 2009

I rock@Guitar Hero

I've been feeling quite rock 'n roll lately, desperately wanting a tattoo. Im undecided weather to get "real" or "laime" ( means happiness & luck in lithuanian my home language) on my wrist. It would be in whispy soft letters. Still deciding, big decision. Anyway been studding my jeans and leather jackets lately whilst completely destroying my denim cut offs, just in one of those moods, pictures will follow.

Images: getty, google, vogue, net a porter.


  1. lovely photos. i love the tatt idea too! it is a massive decision though, make sure you think it through :)

  2. great post. love nirvana and the fox!
    i'm also considering a new tattoo.
    i want to get "run wild" on my hip or side lower back.
    in small case script.
    was suppose to do it for my bday but i got sidetracked but hopefully in the next week or too.
    i love the laime idea! very cool.