Saturday, 25 April 2009

Anyone else miss Gemma?


Mmm... Im very sceptical with topshop sales, online there are 0 stock of the clothes on sale. And in many stores theres only stuff thats been thrown around the floor, I dont even try to go to Oxford circus topshop for sales because it is like a jungle & I jst dont think is worth it. The best I find is if your in a city smaller than London the best stuff I've found on sale in topshop has been in Cambridge or somewhere random like Lincoln etc.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Aquascutum fun

I recently had the pleasure of being in the Aquascutum Ads ( even got to keep a trench!). Meeting and working with Tim Walker was a dream he is amazing and so professional. The shoot was so much fun and the ads are very playful and colorful, new take on the brands subtle image.

Bring it

Tribal Print dress me

My new topshop dress, I love it, cant tell in the pictures but its got a low cut back on it. Great for parties.

Shoe envy

Must she always look so stylish, then again if I had millions...
Image - Topshop

So I decited to start a blog! I've been reading them for ages and thought that Im gonna give it a try.