Friday, 19 June 2009

Camden Concert/ Central clubs

Dress Forever 21

Night out in London. Friends band named "John Bull and the Bandits" played in a dingy pub in Camden. I love dingy pubs especially when wearing a dress & heels haha. Cheap beer, good music, and laid back people. Thats how I like it. Then hit up the oldie, but goodie Fabric Andy C was djing and hes pretty amazing, so that was a blast. Then an after party in a friends flat = good times. Love London at 5 in the morning, so peacefull and serene.
I cant spell.
Still in america. Miss London

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Litter is a cool jewelery store/brand which I love, want it ALL.


So Im still in America, but here are some pictures from recent parties and outings. As much as I love america Im missing London pretty badly and the boy, who is also on the other side of the world in Australia. Few more weeks and we will meet, somewhere in the world. The weather here is amazing almost TOO hot, I've been eating mexican food and sushi pretty much everyday, put on about 10 pounds no lie thanks to the portion sizes. Litteraly gonna go and do sit ups after typing this. Eating needs to stop. Spent about 200 dollars today at Victoria Secret, done with all the "pink" shitty underwears and moving on to lingerie ( turning 20 this year) so I guess thats a sign of being a woman, when you start loving lacy/sexy/black little things. Ill show pics of stuff I bought later on, I ADORE it all.


Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Milky Purple

Topshop Bag.

I love this pastel colour, Id love to stud the shit out of it & make it look a bit more worn in, Id love a contrast between the flowery
(is this a word?),pastel colour & studs. 
P.S. This really is how they spell COLOUR in england.               Not color. I know odd huh?


Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Indie Night

Ahh I love indie nights with the mates. £5.50 for a huge jug of poison and once Im finished
with that I always end up making out with my gay boy friends, ha my boyfriends finds it
funny, and I find it emberassing the next day. Oh who cares, theres been a party everyday
in the last few weeks of uni. I am officialy done with my first year! & so happy, Bring on the

MM lovely shoes

Dorothy Perkins £35

Topshop £60

River Island £50
I'm loving all these shoes, they seem so comfy and summery.


A shoot I did a while ago I really enjoyed. Modeling is fun, but its so
unpredictable and hard. A 100 castings a day running around town
whilst trying to look your best. I enjoy an odd job every now and again
but I love university and a prospect of a career. No more '' you need to
tone up'' shit for me! I was my heavest while modeling because of
constantly thinking ''dont eat'', now that I dont care and only eat when
I'm hungry and what I want, I feel my healthiest.


Love her.